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ACTS 101 1.0 Mainland

By Pastor Mark July 2, 2023
Series:ACTS 101

Sermon Note

We’re still in the euphoria of ACTS 101.
The break out sessions were so impactful and P. Mark crowned it with
groundbreaking points.

Text: Philippians 2: 2-5 (AMP)

• What determines how you Act?
• Jesus studied the word, prayed, gave… literally everything good.
• Instead of people seeing sin, let them
see grace.
• Jesus did everything He saw God the Father do.
• You are a summation of all your life experiences and genetic makeup
which largely influences how you behave.
• On what basis can people predict your actions and words. What are
you putting into you? What’s your substance?
• Can people be proud of you on behalf of Jesus? Can people brag
about your commitment to God?
• What are people saving your picture as? What do they think of you;
what’s the impression and impression you’ve created in their minds? Do they see
the qualities of Christ in you? Are these qualities at your core?
• Let people see grace at work in you despite your imperfections. Let
your intentionality speak; keep getting better.
• Romans 12:1-2 (MSG) God wants to bring the best out of you. He
wants to show off His colors through you.
• We are transformed from inside out. In order to have a “Jesus-kind-of-transformation”
you need to feed yourself with the Word of transformation. 
• The world is not too busy to have time for God. If God is not part
of your busy world then you really don’t have a world. Build a structure that
incorporates God into it.