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Me, Myself and Why Part 1 Island Sermon By CSR

By Consul Saint-Rhymes March 5, 2023

Sermon Note


This month we are focusing on improving ourselves, and yesterday’s sermon set us on the right path.

CSR dropped some amazing points.

IDENTITY is who you are

  1. Sometimes we build our Identity on things that don’t last like trends but they don’t last.
  2. A lot of people build their Identity on possessions which can perish.
  3. Your Identity should not be built on opinions only God who created you completely knows you.
  4. Your identity should not be built on culture. God’s standards is only what stands sure.
  5. What God didn’t give you, you don’t need.
  6. You came now because you are needed now.
  7. Focus on what you have and people will forget about what you don’t have.
  8. Purpose is not your gift but you were given your gift to achieve your purpose.
  9. Progress is easy when you have focus.
  10. The definition of ‘SUCCESS’ is getting the compliment ‘WELL DONE’ from God.
  11. Humans are like onions, keep digging. Purpose is progressive.
  12. Make a decision to be better than the last time a person met you.
  13. Make a decision to add value anywhere I go.
  14. Don’t do things because you will be supervised, do only what is right.
  15. Always help others and put a smile on God’s face.
  16. Handsome’ na pesin wey him hand hold something. (For laughs) 🤣


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