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Me, Myself and Why Part 1 Mainland By CR

By Consul Rotanna March 5, 2023

Sermon Note


This month we are focusing on improving ourselves, and yesterday’s sermon set us on the right path.

CR dropped some blazing points

1. We have the license to improve on ourselves and be excellent.

2. The goal of every form of improvement is progressive excellence.

3. Christ is the goal and yardstick of all improvements; Improve yourself for the plans God has for you.

4. Self-improvement is progressive; seek to do something at every point of your life.

5. Self-improvement releases a better version of you that the world will enjoy.

6. Don’t get stuck in what lies behind (the past); forge ahead; there is more. Prepare yourself now for the next level.

7. Change doesn’t just happen by mistake; it’s an intentional effort.

3 actions to self-improvement
1. Think
• Think about something you’d like to change/improve on
• Thinking is a powerful tool and a gift from God.
• Thinking helps you to articulate your vision and your plan.
• Make out time to think and write down your thoughts.

2. Focus
• Be laser focused; break down that chunk of goals you wish to achieve into small ones and focus on them. This helps you to achieve more.
• Don’t be swayed by other people’s opinion; know your area of specialization and build on it. It might not seem relevant now, just keep at it and watch things turn around.

3. Engage with others
• People that have gone ahead of you will save you from repeating their mistakes and avoid yours.
• It saves you time.
• It improves your network.


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