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The Called and The Gifted 1.0 Mainland

By Tribune Joshua May 14, 2023

Sermon Note

1. No series in TN is a coincidence, it is a template received from God, for what he wants to do in a season.
2. God is trying to wake up the sleeping giant in us by this series THE CALLED AND THE GIFTED (Roman’s 13:11)
3. There is a significance to your life and it is primarily to the world and until you unleash it you are depriving the world of something peculiar and unique.
4. Everyone is CALLED (Roman 1:5-6) and this call is an identity. Your life will take a powerful turn when you realize that there is a significance to your life and that you are called of God.
5. (Romans 8:30) everyone has been called but it is very important to know why you were called. Identify what is it you were called for.
6. Everyone that is called has a gift to accompany his calling, every single person. Salvation is just one of the package of the calling there is more. (ROM 12:6)
7. We cannot afford to be ignorant about our calling, it is God’s grace that qualifies you for the gift in his calling. So if you are saved by grace you are equally gifted by grace. The devil will always try to make you feel insignificant, therefore establish this truth firmly, YOU ARE CALLED AND YOU ARE GIFTED.
8. ROMANS 12:4 each one of us is gifted for a special function, you are so uniquely special in your function and gifts. Don’t be confused, don’t be envious know your gifts and calling and pursue them.
9. Gal 1:15 before you were born there was a label on your life by God, discover and run with it.
10. Though we are all called alike, our gifts are the channel through which we dispense our our unique callings (Romans 12:6, 1 Corinthians 12:4)
11. You don’t have to feel called or gifted, just know it that you are called and gifted. It is a FACT!!!
12. Romans 12:7-8 whatever your gift is do it well