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TN Relationship

Happy International Women’s Day!

Here’s to the women, the sisters, the mothers, the wives Who shape our world with their amazing lives Who work and play, love and pray And light up every single day They hold us close and keep us tight And guide us through the darkest

An Ode to REAL things

I am sure that to be filled with love has a smellsome kind of aromathat tells people“I am happy and open to sharing my happiness”Because when something is deepRealand heartfeltevery other person aroundfeels it I am sure that a real person has a smellSome kind

Loving you has been the best part of our journey.

Hey there, one thing we are big on in Transformed nation is love. And what better day to express it fully than today. So, here’s a little love note we have specially for you. Hey there gorgeous one, Loving you has been the best part

REAL Friendship

What makes a relationship real?  If there was a test kit to find out if a relationship is real, would yours pass the test? Let us do this litmus test.  If every good relationship is built from friendship, then when tested, the proof of a

what should I do?

Please I need advice. I love my boyfriend and he says he loves me too. We have been dating for 6 months now but for some reason we only meet at my place or at restaurants. He keeps telling me different things when I suggest

Pen Speak

In a world that is dark.Love is an unexplainable light.An indomitable might.Long epistles laced with affection that you write.Love is handholding and evening strolls.It’s beautiful energy and conversations from the soul.Love is a subtle whisper and sometimes, a loud drum.An impromptu play that takes you