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Pen Speak

In a world that is dark.
Love is an unexplainable light.
An indomitable might.
Long epistles laced with affection that you write.
Love is handholding and evening strolls.
It’s beautiful energy and conversations from the soul.
Love is a subtle whisper and sometimes, a loud drum.
An impromptu play that takes you by storm.
Love is you and that one friend
With hugs that never seem to end
Love is tenderness, gentility
Your rawest form, authenticity
To know love is to feel it.
Now that you know it, reveal it
Let it be your art show, exhibit
Don’t be afraid to share love, release it
The creator of love
His love is more than enough.
Love is giving.
He gave.
Love is saving
He saved.
Love is sacrifice
He died.
~ Chioma Obiegbu

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