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Journey To The Grave Service 2.0 Recap

Journey To The Grave (Mainland) Sacrificial Giving Journey to The Grave (Mainland) Pastor Mark Love Your enemies Matthew 5:39-48 – Jesus Christ came to show us how to live like God. – The things Jesus did was as a result of the love that hasfor

Journey To The Grave Service Recap

Journey To The Grave (Mainland) Sacrificial Giving The journey to the grave is a journey of sacrifice. Jesus Himself was the gift. Jesus gave up his divine form to take up the form of a human; that wasn’t convenient. You can’t wait until things are

Welcome Back

Hey Dear Citizen, Happy new year to you once again. You are welcome back!! We know 2023 must have had its ups and downs and we are glad you were with us through it all.   A large bird told us that 2024 will be


Stay had us in a tranquil state, thinking deeply about what it means to stay in the in the presence of God. Pastor Mark planted some insightful words in our hearts. – When you are “Staying”, you can’t stay if you don’t trust.“Trust in and

REFLECTION (The Mirror Effect)

We definitely have heard the common saying, “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are or who you’ll be,” more than a thousand times and would likely hear it some more in our life time. Friendships are intricate bonds that go


When two or more people, groups or organizations interact or collaborate to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their individual efforts, that’s synergy. If you have ever dropped food crumbs or spilled a drink and didn’t clean it up, you sure found

Fr i end

When you hear the word “friend”, someone or a set of people automatically pops up in your mind. Thoughts of them range easily in your mind because it’s a no brainer to you, they are just the right fit. Do you ever stop to wonder