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Journey To The Grave Service Recap

Journey To The Grave (Mainland) Sacrificial Giving

The journey to the grave is a journey of sacrifice.

Jesus Himself was the gift.

Jesus gave up his divine form to take up the form of a human; that wasn’t convenient.

You can’t wait until things are convenient before you give.

There will always be a season for sowing and a season for harvesting. (Gen 8:22)

Sow as often as possible (Eccl 11:6)

There’s always a harvest, irrespective of what you sow.

This is the mindset to have while sowing

• You need to plant good seeds.

• The best time to give is when you don’t have.

• If the money you have is not your harvest, then turn it into a seed.

• You need to sow on a fertile soil like church projects, pastors, mentors, parents, friends.

• Sow at whatever level you are, your seed is not small.

• You are bigger than what you sow.

• You can’t eat everything you earn.

• No one owes you anything.

• You need to have a heart of giving.

• You can’t give without being prayerful

• You will always have to give because God gives seed to the sower and bread to eat (Isaiah55:10)

Journey to the Grave (Island) The Giving Ministry of Jesus

Jesus died for our sins, performed miracles, gave people joy and fed people

Jesus came to give.

The heart of true Christianity is in giving (John 3:16)

When you’re in love with what Jesus stands for you will give towards his ministry.

Principles of New Testament Giving

1.  Giving begins with a cause.

– We’re saved to save others 

– Your money speaks for you in heaven when you give towards God’s cause

– Jesus’s disciples gave up what they were used to.


2. Giving entails sacrifice

– Giving entails service 

– You don’t give out of satisfaction 

– Jesus did everything on earth as a man helped by the Holy Spirit.

– Jesus showed us that it’s possible because  giving always calls for sacrifice.

– You haven’t given God anything until you have given him everything.


3.  Giving leads to life.

– You cannot continue to gather things to yourself without flowing out.

– Give freely what you receive.


4. Giving produces joy.

Philippians 4:10 – 14

– The more you give, the more satisfied you are.

– It teaches you contentment 

– It makes you partners in the ministry.

– It pays spiritual dividends.

– It grows your faith in God.


There’s always a reward for giving 

God does not owe, he rewards

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