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Welcome Back

Hey Dear Citizen,

Happy new year to you once again. You are welcome back!! We know 2023 must have had its ups and downs and we are glad you were with us through it all.  

A large bird told us that 2024 will be a wonderful year for you. This bird happens to be called an eagle. Another thing this bird told us is that you will be soaring on its wings as you embark on all the things you have planned. So, it will certainly be a year to remember for good.

Just as you have great plans for the year, we also have great plans for you this year. We are brewing with excitement just by the mere thought of it. It will certainly be a transforming year for all of us.

We are glad to be starting the year with you. We have all agreed that we no go gree for anybody this year. While you write a list of people and things you no go gree for, there is just one person you need to gree for in order to soar, The HolySpirit.

We are so excited and we cannot wait to see you on Sunday by our usual spot, at the usual time.

With Love,  

TNChronicles 🪶

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