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When two or more people, groups or organizations interact or collaborate to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their individual efforts, that’s synergy.

If you have ever dropped food crumbs or spilled a drink and didn’t clean it up, you sure found ants a little while later all around the place. It all started with one ant who had a taste and went back to spread the good word. These small insects, which are most often ignored, live in highly organized societies that demonstrate their extraordinary capacity to cooperate in the pursuit of a common objective. Ant colonies are structured in a way that assigns specific roles to different members, contributing to the colony’s overall functionality.

Communication lies at the heart of ants’ synergy. Through chemical signals called pheromones, ants convey information about food sources, danger, and even the best paths to reach destinations.Their synergy extends to their defense mechanisms as well. Soldier ants, armed with strong jaws or stingers, protect the colony from threats. The synergy displayed by ants within their colonies is a proof of the power of collaboration in the natural world. Through division of labour, communication, and coordinated efforts, ants are able to achieve impressive feats that benefit their entire community. 

Now that we’ve read about the ants, let’s take some time to examine ourselves. Oh please, don’t look away; the rules are the same.


Let’s put some energy into our sync.

If you are ‘feeling’ a group of people, or connect to the vision and mission of that community, it makes sense to be a constructive and supportive contributor; even if you don’t have the capacity for being a benefactor, at least don’t be a detractor who sits pretty as a beneficiary with a ‘me first’ mindset.

So, what are you bringing to the community table? Will we have a banquet feast or a last supper? Without the right attitude for healthy collaborations, regular effective communication, counsel as well as constructive and supportive contributions, your communal space can’t be healthy and safe for you to thrive.

Great things are not done alone.

Be part of greatness by letting your synergy with others in the community be void of friction and self-centered ambitions. Let’s mean it when we say “I gat you.

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