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What are you doing today?

What do you consider to be a goal? Is it hitting that weight goal, crossing financial mark, getting your business in the limelight, receiving a promotion, getting better grades, spending more time with your family, getting to a deeper level of intimacy with God, getting

Welcome Back

Hey Dear Citizen, Happy new year to you once again. You are welcome back!! We know 2023 must have had its ups and downs and we are glad you were with us through it all.   A large bird told us that 2024 will be


Stay had us in a tranquil state, thinking deeply about what it means to stay in the in the presence of God. Pastor Mark planted some insightful words in our hearts. – When you are “Staying”, you can’t stay if you don’t trust.“Trust in and

Needle in a Haystack

In the context of life, you are the needle, and God is the microscope. Of course God is a mighty God, but yet He is the only one that can zoom into the galaxy you are in, and keep on zooming in until you are…

Deserving 3.0 Recap – God The Father

Topic – God The Father Preacher – CSR DID YOU KNOW? Most of the crimes committed are traced to a major underlying factor – ”daddy issues.” God is the one and only sure Father; with Him you can never have daddy issues. • Children take

This thing called Love

He makes you feel brand new. Wipes away your mistakes and all the mess you knew. Come as you are, you don’t have to look too far. Just a taste will make you wonder It’s like the first kiss of a true lover. He gives

Deserving 2.0 Sermon Recap Mainland

Deserving = Worthy Ephesians. 4:1 I Thessalonians 2:12 Colossians 1:10 • Salvation is a calling. We are all ministers of salvation. • Jesus’ love is free but we ought to walk in a manner that’s deserving of that love. Show that you love Him back.

Me, myself and why 2.0 Service Recap

Me, myself and why 2.0 was so great. CA gave us a wonderful service. There were so many great points. The topic was “ME” and the focus was on personality. Temperaments helps us to be self-aware and then work on becoming better versions of ourselves.