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Deserving 3.0 Recap – God The Father

Topic – God The Father
Preacher – CSR

Most of the crimes committed are traced to a major underlying factor – ”daddy issues.”

God is the one and only sure Father; with Him you can never have daddy issues.

• Children take after the semblance of their parents. As children of God, we therefore take after the semblance of our Father; we are capable of all that He can do.

• Jehovah Jireh, Rapha, Yahweh, El Roi, Shalom, as many as we can mention, all these names reflect the fatherly characteristics of God.

What Jesus came to do:
• He came to update our status from being ordinary to sons who are capable of supernatural things.

• He came to give us hope
– Colossians 1:27
– Jesus Christ is like a covering we put on ourselves; God sees Him when He looks at us.

• He came to show us the Father John 14:8 Jesus came to show us the fathers love.

How to enjoy the Father’s love
• Be conscious of whose child you are. Connect to your Father and His essence.

• Copy your daddy. You can only imitate who you spend time with.
– Ephesians 5:1-3

• Come into your inheritance.
– Practice the family customs: pray, fast, study and practice the word.

• Carryout the family duties: evangelise, love others, etc.

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