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What are you doing today?

What do you consider to be a goal?

Is it hitting that weight goal, crossing financial mark, getting your business in the limelight, receiving a promotion, getting better grades, spending more time with your family, getting to a deeper level of intimacy with God, getting into a relationship, to finally “japa”, proposing to your longtime girlfriend?

The list is inexhaustible. We start out each year with our goals set at the back of our minds or boldly written down somewhere. We have mental pictures of us living in that goal when we have achieved it.

But what is the one thing that turns that intangible goal into something tangible? How does it go from a mental picture to a physical reality?

It all starts with a step 1. In achieving a goal there is the need to break it down into smaller tasks. Breaking it down into steps, practical and achievable steps.

And when you have broken it down into those steps. You take it one day at a time. It’s your duty to ask yourself everyday “hey, what are you doing today?”

So just in case no one has asked you, not even yourself, here’s a question for you “what are you doing today?”

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