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Me, myself and why 3.0 Island Service Recap

This series has really been amazing. What a way to wrap it up. Consul Amaka did justice. With what has been taught, we’re sure that it would have a lasting effect.

Endurance in our race

  1. Intimacy with God brings revelation of who you are and where you are supposed to be.
  1. The Holy Spirit waits for you to make the first move as he beckons on you, then with the love of the Father, He explains to you what He wants you to know.
  1. Purpose could mean praying for your friend who is an unbeliever.
  1. The mercies of God abounds but acceptance means repentance.
  1. For the reason of God’s mercies, God is ready to meet you at your own pace but you must make the effort.
  1. Your story in life is your message.  Every experience God allows us go through is for a bigger course.
  1. Purpose is to understand that your journey in life is not only for yourself.  Your message often becomes your ministry.
  1. The more you continue to allow yourself to be distracted by things in the world, God will not be able to come close to you.
  1. God is ready to make us like Him. It may not take a day, but it takes the state of our heart.

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