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Service Recap

The Assignment Sermon Recap

The Assignment 1.0 The world is like an app store (Play Store, Apple Store, etc) where you can find numerous applications. We are the apps. Every app was designed with the intention of solving a problem. You’ll find apps that are similar in functionality but

Journey To The Grave Service 2.0 Recap

Journey To The Grave (Mainland) Sacrificial Giving Journey to The Grave (Mainland) Pastor Mark Love Your enemies Matthew 5:39-48 – Jesus Christ came to show us how to live like God. – The things Jesus did was as a result of the love that hasfor

Journey To The Grave Service Recap

Journey To The Grave (Mainland) Sacrificial Giving The journey to the grave is a journey of sacrifice. Jesus Himself was the gift. Jesus gave up his divine form to take up the form of a human; that wasn’t convenient. You can’t wait until things are

Welcome Back

Hey Dear Citizen, Happy new year to you once again. You are welcome back!! We know 2023 must have had its ups and downs and we are glad you were with us through it all.   A large bird told us that 2024 will be


Stay had us in a tranquil state, thinking deeply about what it means to stay in the in the presence of God. Pastor Mark planted some insightful words in our hearts. – When you are “Staying”, you can’t stay if you don’t trust.“Trust in and

Deserving 1.0 Mainland Service Recap

Deserving 1.0 was such a remarkable service. It started with a worship session that just took us to a deep place of reverence for God.P. Mark broke down what it means to be deserving to us One who is termed “Deserving” is one who:1. Should

Deserving 1.0 Island Service Recap

Deserving 1.0 was so amazing. Such a powerful service. The worship session left everyone deep in reverence for God. Consul Bunmi broke deserving down to us. Roms5:8, Jn14:15; 15:9, Zeph3:17 Ps103:4,8,13,17, Zech2:8 CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO SERMON

Me, myself and why 3.0 Mainland Service Recap

This series has really been amazing, what a way to wrap it up, with Pastor Mark doing justice to it. Yes it has ended but the life changing lessons we got from it will never leave is.