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Service Recap

Welcome Back

Hey Dear Citizen, Happy new year to you once again. You are welcome back!! We know 2023 must have had its ups and downs and we are glad you were with us through it all.   A large bird told us that 2024 will be


Stay had us in a tranquil state, thinking deeply about what it means to stay in the in the presence of God. Pastor Mark planted some insightful words in our hearts. – When you are “Staying”, you can’t stay if you don’t trust.“Trust in and

Deserving 1.0 Mainland Service Recap

Deserving 1.0 was such a remarkable service. It started with a worship session that just took us to a deep place of reverence for God.P. Mark broke down what it means to be deserving to us One who is termed “Deserving” is one who:1. Should

Deserving 1.0 Island Service Recap

Deserving 1.0 was so amazing. Such a powerful service. The worship session left everyone deep in reverence for God. Consul Bunmi broke deserving down to us. Roms5:8, Jn14:15; 15:9, Zeph3:17 Ps103:4,8,13,17, Zech2:8 CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO SERMON

Me, myself and why 3.0 Mainland Service Recap

This series has really been amazing, what a way to wrap it up, with Pastor Mark doing justice to it. Yes it has ended but the life changing lessons we got from it will never leave is.

Me, Myself and Why Part 1 Island Sermon Recap By CSR

This month we are focusing on improving ourselves, and yesterday’s sermon set us on the right path. CSR dropped some amazing points. IDENTITY is who you are Sometimes we build our Identity on things that don’t last like trends but they don’t last. A lot

Me, Myself and Why Part 1 Mainland Sermon Recap By CR

This month we are focusing on improving ourselves, and yesterday’s sermon set us on the right path. CR dropped some blazing points We have the license to improve on ourselves and be excellent. The goal of every form of improvement is progressive excellence. Christ is

The REALationship 3.0 Service Recap

What a way to end this series. I’m sure you can attest to the fact that this was indeed an amazing series. The live session was so good, there was more than a handful of points to take home. • If it’s true love, you