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The Assignment Sermon Recap

The Assignment 1.0

  • The world is like an app store (Play Store, Apple Store, etc) where you can find numerous applications. We are the apps.
  • Every app was designed with the intention of solving a problem.
  • You’ll find apps that are similar in functionality but there’s always something that distinguishes them.
  • Some apps can’t function without the presence of another app. Like the synergy between your phone camera and gallery.
  • In order for apps to stay relevant, they are constantly updated.

Just like these apps in a phone, we are: 

  • Here on earth for a purpose which is primarily to worship God and keep his commandments. Ecclesiastes 12v13 (AMPC)
  • Not useless. Don’t ever think that you’re a mistake.
  • Unique in our individuality; quit comparing yourself to others.
  • Meant to exist in a community. Nobody was created to be a loner.
  • Better and effective persons when we embrace our gifts and callings. There’s always something you can add to yourself. 2 Peter 1:5-7 TPT

Your purpose is important and it has been designed to meet a need.

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