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The REALationship 2.0 Service Recap

Hey there, if you thought last week’s sermon was mind blowing, this week came in with a bigger bang.

P.Mark set us straight on how to do relationships the REAL way. With some bombshells, sorry, We mean, points, he straightened our perspective on Relationships.

1. A relationship is not ‘sexy’. It is not a license to have sex. Remove sex from the equation because sex blinds you from things you should have seen.

2. A relationship is not about age and time. It is not about the length of time spent but the quality of time spent. 

3. Don’t date until you have marriage in the horizon. You need to have a clear destination when you are in a relationship.

4. In a Relationship, when both partners give 100%, they’ll meet each other’s 100% needs. There won’t be any thought or feeling of being ‘used’.

5. Have and cultivate a ‘we’ mentality from dating; don’t wait until you get married.

6. A relationship is not picture-perfect; it is about creating a masterpiece over time. Relationships take time. Nurture and build a godly one.

7. It’s not about butterflies in your bellies, it’s about commitment and compatibility.

   ”You don’t fall in love; you commit to it.”

It is serious work…be ready to be committed to the end, regardless of how you feel.

8. The idea of love is that you love people on their terms not on yours.

And this last line got us snapping our fingers and falling off our seats;

“Don’t just pray for me, Spray me and pray for me.”


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