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What are you doing today?

What do you consider to be a goal? Is it hitting that weight goal, crossing financial mark, getting your business in the limelight, receiving a promotion, getting better grades, spending more time with your family, getting to a deeper level of intimacy with God, getting


  Routines have been seen as a great way to foster productivity but on the flip side, it’s quite easy for the whole process to become redundant.    The “autopilot” mode is a phenomenon made known by those in aviation. The basic explanation of the


Have you encountered that one person that over-answers a question or over-executes a task and still turns out to be wrong. That’s how we look when we try to live our Christian life by our “works”. If we were to judge by works, none of


In our world, hard work is greatly praised and privileges are mostly despised. Have you ever encountered one of those people that just always seem to be “lucky” or one of those students in your class that almost never experiences all the bad things others experience? The

Me, myself and why 2.0 Service Recap

Me, myself and why 2.0 was so great. CA gave us a wonderful service. There were so many great points. The topic was “ME” and the focus was on personality. Temperaments helps us to be self-aware and then work on becoming better versions of ourselves.

Me, Myself and Why Part 1 Island Sermon Recap By CSR

This month we are focusing on improving ourselves, and yesterday’s sermon set us on the right path. CSR dropped some amazing points. IDENTITY is who you are Sometimes we build our Identity on things that don’t last like trends but they don’t last. A lot

Loving you has been the best part of our journey.

Hey there, one thing we are big on in Transformed nation is love. And what better day to express it fully than today. So, here’s a little love note we have specially for you. Hey there gorgeous one, Loving you has been the best part