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Followed or Following

You’ve heard the saying “everyone has a price” right? That amount of money that makes you toss everything you know into the trash without a second look, just to have it in your possession.

There is always a bigger fish to catch. But then again, if you had the power to attract the fish as opposed going out of your way to catch it continuously, based on need, which would you choose?

Money is as much of a powerful tool as it is a powerful leader. It’s position in a person’s life is based on where he or she puts it. Does money call the shots or do you call money to take the shots?

In old time mafia movies, they say things like “I will give him an offer he cannot refuse”. Let’s drag this down here. Are there offers you can’t refuse because of the amount of money attached to it?

Let us see money as a wild dog that needs to be tamed. If you tame your dog well, it can do as you command, whenever you command it. If it’s not tamed, it becomes the one in charge, does as it pleases, comes and goes as it pleases.

So, is money following you or are you following money?

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