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Find X

Let’s go back to secondary school. Where math’s was probably our biggest problem. Where “dy/dx” gave us more anxiety than we bargained for. Where “find X” was our biggest obstacle. Somehow, math’s teachers made things look easy in class. But the moment they give an

Net Worth

The word “net worth” is mostly used when speaking about billionaires. It is safe to say that the amount of money that a person possesses determines his placemat and position in l the society. Money is a major defining factor in our society. Have you

Meditations of a legal tender

Amongst the rich, I am sunny yet devoid of the human sheen. A resource, not a soul, I sure like to make a scene. For I am but a vessel, a means to an end,Not the source of essence, but a cherished friend. You seek

Followed or Following

You’ve heard the saying “everyone has a price” right? That amount of money that makes you toss everything you know into the trash without a second look, just to have it in your possession. There is always a bigger fish to catch. But then again,

To The Very Last Drop

If you watched that cartoon Hercules, you will remember that when he was kidnapped to be killed as a baby, the instruction was to give him the poison, to the very last drop. Thankfully for Hercules, he didn’t drink the last drop, so he survived

Tick Tock

Quick question. Does the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun” sound true to you? Have you ever been caught up with something so much so that you didn’t realize how much time had gone? Well, one thing about time is that it comes and