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Find X

Let’s go back to secondary school. Where math’s was probably our biggest problem. Where “dy/dx” gave us more anxiety than we bargained for. Where “find X” was our biggest obstacle.

Somehow, math’s teachers made things look easy in class. But the moment they give an assignment on that same topic, you’re instantly rethinking things; wondering if you actually really need math’s in life. For some strange reason X was always missing and nobody knows Y.

Would the equation be different if God was the math’s teacher and X being the purpose you had to find? God teaching us in His presence (class work) how to live and be with Him. And then giving us an assignment to go out into the field (life) He has called us into, to teach others to also do the same. Would the equation be easier that way?

We certainly believe and are convinced that God is the greatest mathematician, right? So, we know that He has everything calculated and figured out, to the very last detail. The assignment He gives to us, unlike earthly math teachers, He does that assignment with us. So When we submit our work for marking, we get a 10 out of 10. Isn’t that splendid?

So, while you’re in the process of finding X, by solving it, bear in mind that you are on earth to solve a problem for God. God is the mathematician that gives His children problems to solve for Him. And when you have solved it, you submit your work to Him. You submit not just the answer to the problem, but the workings as well. Your workings need to show that you solved the “math’s” problem with God.

So, here’s a math problem for you to sole;
F + D = X
When F is fellowship with God and D is direction
What is your X?

Join us as we continue in the understanding of our assignment in our next service.

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