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Sermon Recap Me Plus Mainland 1.0

Service Recap 9th June, 2024 ME+ 1.0

  • Improvement is vital; you can’t be stagnant.
  • Your plus is personal; find out what you need improvement on.
  • If you let your mind shrink, you will stink.
  • There is ALWAYS something to improve on in every season of life.
  • You are a product of a creative process, consequently, you have a creative identity.

Things to note about improvement:

  • We were created to improve. God created man right from the beginning to grow and develop the earth. Even Jesus took his pluses seriously. Luke 2:46-52
  • Your plus starts from your heart. 23v7 AMP
  • Tend to your mind. No improvement can be implemented without the aid of the mind. The better your mind is, the higher the quality of your life.

Contentment is not an excuse to be lazy. Emptiness produces noise; substance produces sound. Sound contributes, noise disturbs. Choose this day, what your life will produce.

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