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Winning against all odds means succeeding despite all hindrances
and obstacles that may come your way. It means rising above all
the barriers and challenges you face and then succeeding.
There are many examples in the Bible of people who succeeded
despite facing difficult times. An example is Isaac. In Genesis 26,
the Bible recorded that Isaac prospered in drought and famine.
He sowed and reaped a hundred fold, despite being a foreigner in
that land.

In our world today, young people face somany hindrances to
winning. Some of these hindrances are fear, sin, peer pressure,
social vices, low self-esteem amongst others. These challenges
could get overwhelming for a young person who at this stage is
still trying to discover self and is also faced with Identity crises.
Young people are also constantly battling with what their friends
think or say about them, whether or not they are cool, pretty or
educated enough and many other uncertainties. These questions
can make them settle for mediocrity which then hampers their

For you to win against all odds you must remember that it is
important to stay close to God and know him for yourself. Get his
word and promises, take action and remain in faith. You will surely
succeed against all odds.
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