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Net Worth

The word “net worth” is mostly used when speaking about billionaires. It is safe to say that the amount of money that a person possesses determines his placemat and position in l the society. Money is a major defining factor in our society.

Have you ever sized yourself based on how much money you have? Or have you ever decided the opportunities you are eligible to based on the size of your pocket. While of course money makes the world go round, does it spin you around as well?

If money was a fish, how strong is your net? Do you know the right place to catch the fish and the right bait to get the fish out from the water into your net?

Another question to ask yourself is, am I catching small fishes or a big fish. It is possible for one fish to feed generations; we’re talking about catching a whale. The worth of what is in that net can sustain everyone plugged to that family.

It’s kind of what we do today, the opportunities we explore and the places we open ourselves to determines the type of fishes we can catch. So do a quick check, if you have fishes in your net; is it a big one, what type of fish do you want to catch in your net?

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