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Sprout Sermon Note

Make sure you are a fertile ground Keep watering that dream Protect the sprout Consistently prune yourself

In Transformed Nation, we are starting our year with a profound word “sprout”, which means to spring up or to come forth or to grow. The common practice of humans is to come up with a new resolution when we step into a new year. Well, we do not see a better resolution to make this year than to choose to sprout in every thing that you embark on this year. We know that over time, some goals and projects might have seemed futile. But this year, we dare you to keep at it. Like our Pastor said “Don’t abort that baby”, in this context, the baby could be a dream, a goal, an achievement, whatever it may be, don’t give up on it. And so, if you are going at this year with the aim to sprout in every aspect of your life, here’s the to do list according Pastor Mark;
  1. Make sure you are a fertile ground
  2. Keep watering that dream
  3. Protect the sprout
  4. Consistently prune yourself
Let this be your new year’s resolution as you journey through 2023. Thank you for giving us your eyes and your mind. Stay transformed.


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