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The REAL relationship by General Mayowa Sermon Note

Service recap

Hey there crew member, it’s the start of a new week. But before you run along to start on with crushing your goals for this week, here’s a recap of yesterday’s service.

General Mayowa came in and had us snapping our fingers, laughing out loud and thinking deeply. The topic being “the REAL relationship”. Emphasis on “real

He started off on asking a question

“Are you real?”

And giving powerful quotes like

“To attract someone that is real, you must first be real”

“The things you want to see in the partner you desire, you must first exhibit”

“It takes real to recognize real”

Profound stuff, right? We know

He then went on to give us amazing points about being real in a relationship

  • You must be Naked and Unashamed. And no, he was not talking about physical nakedness but an emotional one. Meaning you must show who you really are, no forming.
  • Picking up the bills. He came for everybody with this one. Men must take care of business and women as well. Splitting the bill is not a bad thing either. (Ladies 5k no be beta vex money)
  • Swear words are a no no; it is proof that you are not spirit led.
  • Openness about spiritual things. You need to be and be with someone who is vocal about God.
  • A real relationship requires humility, trust and respect. Be reachable.
  • You and your “real” partner must be able to talk for long hours. The conversation must flow easily.
  • You both must have dreams. And you must encourage each other to achieve those dreams
  • Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit. This is so important because He keeps you and your partner in check.

What an amazing sermon. This definitely puts the “real” in a relationship.

Click the link below to stream audio sermon

The REALationship 1.0 Mainland

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