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To The Very Last Drop

If you watched that cartoon Hercules, you will remember that when he was kidnapped to be killed as a baby, the instruction was to give him the poison, to the very last drop. Thankfully for Hercules, he didn’t drink the last drop, so he survived and still had a little measure of his ‘god’ strength in him. Where are we going with this? Just stick around, you’ll find out.

We see sanitizers and disinfectants that say “kills up to 99.9% of germs” but then you ask yourself, does it make the 0.1% that’s is left less potent? Well, that’s food for thought.

In giving and giving like Christ, it is 100%, to the very last drop. Giving without holding anything back. Jesus could have given everything He had but if He didn’t give his life it would have been 99.9%. 

He gave His time, His knowledge, His love, His attention, His healing, His nurturing, everything. He gave everything while He was on earth, but if He chose to withhold His life, it would have been 99.9% of Him.

We could easily say that Jesus was born to die for us, but His choice to die was His to make. We read in the Bible; how gruesome the result of that choice was. If what we are giving sums up to just 99.9%, it would be a waste without the last 0.1%.

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