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Tick Tock

Quick question. Does the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun” sound true to you?

Have you ever been caught up with something so much so that you didn’t realize how much time had gone?

Well, one thing about time is that it comes and it goes.

Surely, we know that everything on earth is time bound. And it is not news that we are the ones that don’t have time; forever racing against the clock. God on the other hand, holds the fabric of time between His fingers.

The course of our lives is properly planned by God, and He deliberately orchestrates the events in our lives. He knows the what, when, where and how of our lives. We are the ones that are clueless in all this.

We can see it as this, God puts us on earth, to live as directed by Him, if we chose to, but there is a stopwatch that starts ticking the moment we are born. And from that moment, it’s a countdown.

In life, we countdown to great moments or events. The death of a person isn’t usually a great thing but the death of Jesus was the greatest event in the history of humanity. Although His family and disciples didn’t see it as that at first. His death meant something, it meant hope for us. Because the course of His life proved that we can have a new beginning with the Father.

So here’s one thing, there is certainly a countdown, but will your countdown mean anything??

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