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When you hear the word “friend”, someone or a set of people automatically pops up in your mind. Thoughts of them range easily in your mind because it’s a no brainer to you, they are just the right fit. Do you ever stop to wonder if you are the first person or at least among the first set of people that comes to the mind of the friend you are thinking about?

When we hear the word “friend” our mind quickly thinks about the other person. The one we consider a friend. Some even call themselves sisters or brothers. But let’s try something different. The next time you see the word “friend”, think about who you have been a friend to, how you have been a friend to that person and why you are a friend to them.

Let us see friendship from a “me” point of view, and not the usual “him/her” point of view. You as a person, who have you been a friend to? A true friend, have you loved someone the way you love yourself?; that is the yardstick for friendship. Let us see friendship from a “what do I bring to the table” perspective as opposed the “what do you bring to the table” perspective.

This perspective also cuts across to communities.The same principle applies, as part of a community, you see the benefits you get from being a part of that community. But what does that community benefit from you?

Are you bringing something tangible to the table?

For something to work effectively, every part of that thing needs to play it’s part completely, holding nothing back.For your friendship or community to be effective, every single person needs to play their part completely, holding nothing back.

LOUD Concert

Get ready to raise the roof with your voice at our concert, LOUD, which is coming up on the 27th of August. The experience will hit different if you come with a friend.

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