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Have you encountered that one person that over-answers a question or over-executes a task and still turns out to be wrong. That’s how we look when we try to live our Christian life by our “works”.

If we were to judge by works, none of us would be qualified, and yet, for some strange reasons, we carry out our Christianity like it is our works that qualifies us. As opposed the fact that it is our “walk” that qualifies us.

Walking with The Holy Spirit helps us get to the finish line faster than sprinting all by ourselves. It is a stated fact that there is a prize to be won at the end of time.

In recent time, Nigerians have found breaking The Guinness Book of World Record to be the fastest means to fame. And as seen, a lot of people have tried, but so far, only one lady has succeeded and has gotten the prize (the GWR plaque).

Interestingly, one thing disqualified all the rest, except her – following the GWR guideline. The rest of them violated one rule or the other which made them loose the prize, even if they attained the goal they set out to achieve, they didn’t get the prize.

That’s how ridiculous we look when we try to do Christianity with our head knowledge, when God has already given us His spirit, to guide us in and through all things. We sprint through the race track but when we get to the finish line, there is no price to be won, because we didn’t follow the guideline.

As we act in accordance to the leading of the Spirit, be reminded that our service ACTS 101 continues this Sunday by 4:00 pm, at the victory dome.

LOUD Concert

Get ready to raise the roof with your voice at our concert, LOUD, which is coming up on the 27th of August. The experience will hit different if you come with a friend.

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