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Routines have been seen as a great way to foster productivity but on the flip side, it’s quite easy for the whole process to become redundant. 
The “autopilot” mode is a phenomenon made known by those in aviation. The basic explanation of the autopilot mode is; the plane driving itself, following the coordinates set by the pilot. Except in time of turbulence or any form of external or internal distress, the pilot is not required to make any major movement. It is possible for the pilot to even leave the cockpit while the plane is on autopilot, because everything has been set to function on its own. This concept is quite interesting. 
When it comes to service as an ACT, quite a number of Christians switch to autopilot once they have “taken off”, in this context, once they have seemingly reached a certain point, or attained a particular goal. Service to God becomes a list of things to cross off the to do list for the week. It becomes mechanical, a mumbo jumbo of ACTivities. And sometimes, we leave the “cockpit”. We are seen to be present and doing all the right things but mentally and spiritually absent. 
Our act of service then simply becomes an ACTivity, without having any impact on us or to the One we are serving. While on this autopilot mode, if the pilot leaves the cockpit, it is possible for the control tower to send radio messages, but because he is not on sit, he doesn’t receive the message. The same goes for Christians who ‘serve’ from a place of activity, rather than being actively present. The control tower, Heaven, sends signals (prompting, messages, directions) to us but because we are not present, we do not catch it. 

LOUD Concert

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