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The Inventor’s Robot

The purpose of a thing is often found in the mind of its manufacturer.

Most times the created entity itself doesn’t know what line of action to take, until it is given a command.

A robot, in itself cannot function without the codes written by the inventor. So, functionality is dependent on what the inventor has programmed it to do.

Of course we humans are not robots, but there is a similarity. We are all created to function in one unique way or the other. And because we do not have an “on and off” switch, doesn’t isolate is from the concept of needing a “command” to function.

So, yes it is possible that we find ourselves busy and occupied with something, but is that the command that the creator has given?

Ultimately, for us to function where and how we were designed to, we need to find out what “command” our “inventor” has given us.

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