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In our world, hard work is greatly praised and privileges are mostly despised. Have you ever encountered one of those people that just always seem to be “lucky” or one of those students in your class that almost never experiences all the bad things others experience?

The word privilege sometimes sounds like something be offended by. Society pushes “hustle culture”. And if anyone gets to the top without having to pay a heavy price for it, then that person is not deserving. Because the ideology passed out is “the harder you work to get to where you are, the more deserving of the position you are”.

Thankfully, the faith we live by does not glorify societal values. In actuality, there is no minimum requirement in being a child of God. See it as this; you applying for the job of CEO in a multimillion dollar company, and you don’t need to send your CV neither do you need to show your years of experience. Crazy right?

The reality of the life we live now, is a luxurious life we didn’t pay or work hard for. Basically, we got a promotion to be on the same level as Jesus, without applying or being qualified for it.  It is both humbling and unbelievable.

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